Support us

As with almost any charitable trust we too always welcome any type of contribution.

With ADAPT keen to expand and purchase more houses and renovate these as needed we welcome financial support to make this happen.

Cash contributions
Whilst we aim to keep running costs to the minimum with board positions being filled by people gifting their time and not being remunerated we do incur expenses. The goal is to cover all our costs by the rental income received and all remaining income is to be spent on home renovations or building up a fund to purchase more homes. Any additional income received would help speed up ADAPT’s ability to renovate and ensure that more people live in a comfortable place they can call home.

If you would like to discuss how we would use your potential donation please do reach out to us. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure each dollar received is spent as effectively as possible.

Home contributions
There are times when people are contemplating what to do with a home they may no longer need. This could happen when there are no immediate heirs to leave a home to or perhaps the heir is an individual that may live under the care of a service provider but still needs a home they may not be able to manage themselves. Being a charitable trust that must use its assets for the benefit of people with intellectual abilities, ADAPT could fill the role of protector, ensuring the home is always used for what it was intended for. We invite you to discuss this option with us directly so that we can address your needs and ensure the legalities are met.

Brain power
ADAPT is the new baby on the block and open to keep learning. If you have an idea on how you can help ADAPT be better and more effective we welcome your mind!