Our story

The New Zealand registered charity trust, Assisting Different Abilities Peoples Trust (ADAPT), was born mid 2018 to support organisations that focus on providing care for people with intellectual disabilities and those who suffered traumatic brain damage. These individuals are our Life Stylers.  The emphasis of ADAPT is to ensure that the Life Stylers have a welcoming and secure home to call theirs.

At inception ADAPT purchased two homes in Thames, New Zealand, which were already being used by ten Life Stylers but were at high risk of losing their home as these became available for sale on the open market and the lease agreements were coming to an end.

From that moment on ADAPT has sat together with the service provider, The Supported Lifestyle Hauraki Trust suplife.org.nz, who cares for these 10 people and ultimately leases the homes from ADAPT.

The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust (TSLSHT) cares for some 100 Life Stylers in the Thames community. Their prime focus is on developing abilities, providing education and opportunities along with supporting and enhancing the day to day living experience. In providing this care in a community within a community environment they now are managing a total of 32 homes.

Whilst they receive government funding this is not sufficient to maintain the homes as well as the desired service level.

The current changing focus of Government funding is heading towards providing services to individuals living in an independent home situation where the real costs of accommodation are being met through their income rather than that of a residential service, like TSLSHT.

Funding from Government does not support the infrastructure required for residential organisation to both provide services and owning properties. There is a rising concern that there is a perceived conflict of interest.

This is where ADAPT steps in and helps so that The Supported Lifestyle Hauraki Trust can focus solely on the service directly given to the Life Stylers whilst ADAPT focusses on the housing situation and ensures that all 100 Life Stylers are living comfortably.

ADAPT uses its skill set to become experts in the field of addressing housing challenges that exists for many organisations and people catering to help people with intellectual disabilities and those that have suffered traumatic brain damage.