Our team

Bill Holland

Bill joins ADAPT from his HOBEC office in Tauranga. As a notary Bill has a wealth of experience setting up trusts and was key in helping find the right form for ADAPT. Bill has always been very active in the community and sits on the board of several other sizeable charity trusts. Bill has a down to earth approach to work and life. It was therefore a real blessing when Bill accepted the offer to also join ADAPT’s board as it finds its way in the charity trust world. Bill is available to ADAPT to ensure that we run an effective charity organisation that crosses its ‘t’s and dots its ‘I’s.


Ellen van Deventer

Although Ellen co-founded ADAPT all the way from Germany she is not letting distance sit in the way of getting things done. Ellen works for several European family foundations; supporting their boards to ensure they articulate their wishes strategically and then sets up their desired strategies- be it investments or philanthropic efforts. ADAPT is Ellen’s first philanthropic effort where she needs to get down and make it happen for herself. Ellen believes that a lot can be accomplished by always asking questions and engaging with people to understand what the needs are. Ellen then loves to turn those needs into logical action steps to provide answers and solutions to problems. Ellen believes that the full potential of our moral obligation to do good happens when done effectively.

Masele Siatu’u

Masele joins us with a wealth of business experience, having held senior international HR roles in a number of commercial sectors. Having recently returned to her home in New Zealand Masele was keen to find opportunities to help out within her community. Masele was introduced to The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust through local Thames contacts and was immediately attracted to its purpose and values. Masele was invited to join that Trust board in 2017. With ADAPT wishing to support operation of The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust, Masele was invited to also join the ADAPT board to ensure a professional bridge and open communication between the two trusts.